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2k15 Summer Takeover - The Wizard of EZ

2k15 Summer Takeover: 2.0 (LunaLua/SMBX2 required)

Download the 2.0 Version

2k15 Summer Takeover: 1.fun.1 (Vanilla SMBX 1.3 and TheXTech)

Download the 1.fun.1 Version

Patch 1.fun Changelog:

-fixed some graphics drawing incorrectly
-revamped Onion Valley's gimmick and adjusted the design to fit the improved mechanic

-you can now exit the hub by walking offscreen and exit levels at the start and midpoint

-Squishy Boss fight should be fixed. The player previously dropped his item at random (= when the moving layer loop from the beginning of the level cancelled the control lock). Now the level is split into two. Checkpoint added in Squishy level.

-all warps are fully functional

-added postgame

-removed herobrine

Patch 1.fun.1 Changelog

- Fixed RTE 9 - Subscript out of Range in the Emral fight, tweaked the Emral fight.
- Added notice on how to avoid glitches during squishy's fight. Due to the nature of SMBX, I am unable to truly "fix" this glitch. Guide: don't hit the blocks at weird angles or move horizontally while and after hitting the block. If the problem persists, reduce your inputs to a minimum. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is as much as I can do to help this fight play out smoothly.
- Tweaked Squishy's HP
- Made getting stuck in Dr Pepper Pyramid and skipping through parts of it impossible, or at least a lot more difficult.
- Made exploiting the Spinda bossfight more difficult, and less rewarding.
- Made the Red Goomba puzzle in Nighttime Emral City less cryptic (added a helpful vending machine)
- Nerfed the Dragon Coin generator in the Somewhat Believable Assault, and changed part of the level to compliment this change.
- Fixed some minor graphical glitches and overlooked details
- Knux stopped moving.
- Tweaked the HUB
- Fixed the maximum star count to display 100% on the title screen once all 24 stars are collected, rather than 22
- Fixed some dialogue
- Tweaked balance in the secret final boss fight.
- Removed Herobrine

We continue where we left off...

Our heroes thought their adventure was over when they found Valtteri in the Tower of Bias and assured he was safe, but suddenly a disembodied voice could be heard, revealing their plan of taking over the forums. Whose voice was this? Suddenly the tower was shaken and caught in a storm that lifted the entire tower off the ground! Our heroes tried escaping the tower, but before they could make it out, it already crashed into the ground. Stepping outside, Merio, zlakerboy357 and Valtteri were startled to find that they had landed in a strange world that was far from the forums. A local townsperson told them that they had landed in the magical land of EZ and that their tower had just crushed the wicked Superiorstar, ending his reign of terror over Enjl Land. Worried about what had happened to their friends, but mostly confused by the circumstances, zlakerboy357 and Merio decided to explore the area, only to find that it was more familiar to them than they had originally thought...

Level Design:

Original levels:

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Wizard of Oz Cast:

Production Time: 5 weeks :^)

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